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WTD final event: Bridging active citizenship to development

ALDA organized a three-days event within the project WTD – Working Together for Development, in Brussels from 7 to 9 April. This was also an occasion for our President Oriano Otočan to formally open our new office in Brussels, in Rue de la Science 14.

Three days of intensive work, the first two dedicated to training activities for the project partners, and a final open workshop on the cooperation between local authorities and civil society organizations for development, organized in cooperation with EPAN Working Group of CONCORD - the European Confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. Our Director Antonella Valmorbida is Chair of the Group.

The event provided the opportunity to share information and strengthen cooperation between LAs and CSOs or their associations and other relevant stakeholders of the post-MDG framework, while discussing the possible broadening of the post-MDG framework’s objectives and its implication with regards to the involvement of local actors and civil society.

The workshop featured presentations by international panelists including representatives of the European Commission, UNDP, networks CSOs, as wellas local NGOs. Among the keynote speakers Oriano Otočan, President of ALDA, Antonella Valmorbida, Director of ALDA, Marius WANDERS, Director of World Vision’s EU office and Acting Chair of CONCORD Task Force on EYD, Maurice Classeens, Senior Coordinator of Concord EPAN Working group, Jan Robert Suesser, Vice-president of the European Civic Forum, Doerte Boss from the European Commission, Ferran Perez from UNDP, Tatiana Poshevalova, Program Director at International Consortium EuroBelarus, Moncef Ben Slimane, President of Lam Echaml Association, Nestor Vega, Senior Policy Officer of Platforma.

The event was a further step to bridge the European Year of Citizen 2013 - which is on-going in 2014 with the implementation of the recommendations elaborated, to the European Year of Development 2015, as well as another confirmation of the impossibility to think of a development which does not take into account democracy and civic participation.

See the .pdf presentation 'Fiscal decentralization and role of Local Authorities & Civil Society Organisations' by Jorge Rodriguez, Civil Society and Local Authorities (DEVCO B2 Unit)

Photo gallery - WTD event, day 1

Photo gallery - WTD event, day 2

Photo gallery - WTD workshop - LAs and CSOs working together for development

Training and national workshop - Presentations:

- 8 April
Alfonso Alcolea Committee of the Regions EGTC
Per Bodker Andersen Member of Committee of the Regions
Jorge Rodriguez Bilbao DG DEVCO
Dmitriy Sokol Lev Sapieha Foundation Financial Decentralization in Be
David Tumanyan Community Finances officers Association
Michael Smyth EESC Fiscal Decentralisation
Maris Pukis LALRG Fiscal decentralization and attempts of centralizat

- 9 April
DG DEVCO Dorte Bosse 9 April
UNDP Ferran Perez localization post 2015
Eurobelarus Tatiana Poshevalova
Lam Echaml Association Moncef Ben Slimane
Nestor Vega - Senior Project officer at PLATFORMA



LADDER: a great adventure is now starting

The WTD has been a very fruitful project, and its follow-up has already a concrete result: the setting-up of an even bigger consortium of partners and associates working on development education and raising awareness that met during last weekend to start a new project - "LADDER - Local Authorities as Drivers for Development Education and Raising awareness".
A three-day event took place in Modena from Friday the 20th and Sunday the 22nd February 2015, within the framework of the LADDER project, focused on the challenges related to the European Year of Development 2015, and the VIII edition of BukFestival, directed by Francesco Zarzana.
On Friday 20th, all the partners and associates met during the wordcafé, to share ideas, expectations and experiences, and start all together the great adventure of LADDER project, which will see their collaboration and involvement for three years. It was the occasion for all the 26 partners and 20 associates to get to know each other better and learn to cooperate.
On the 21st of February, all participants took part to the first Steering Committee of LADDER, discussing about its main aspects and the role that partners and associates will have. Among the main discussants, Mr. Alessandro Perelli, vice-president of ALDA, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, Secretary General, Mr. Marco Boaria, Resource and Development Unit Coordinator, Mr. Nikos Gamouras, LADDER Project Manager, Mrs. Barbara Elia, Financial Officer, and Ms. Irene Zanetti, Communication Officer.
On the 22nd of February morning, the meeting focused on the discussion of the geographic and thematic paths with the partners, while the presentation of the publication "Citizens' participation at the Local Level in Europe and the Neighbouring Countries", edited by Antonella Valmorbida took place at the BukFestival.

Useful links:

LADDER project

Publication “Citizens’ participation at the Local Level in Europe and the Neighbouring Countries”

Photo gallery

ALDA General Assembly, 4-6 June 2014

On 4-6 June, the General Assembly of ALDA 2014 will take place in Strasbourg, France.

This important appointment will be connected to a variety of opportunities, such as a free training on the programme 'Europe for Citizens' 2014 – 2020, the final International conference of the project Working Together for Development, and the Ordinary and extraordinary General Assembly of ALDA.

We invite all the members of ALDA to participate and address together this crucial times, its challenges and opportunities. We also welcome everybody to participate to the final conference of the project WTD "Bridging the European year 2013 and the European year 2015: from participation to development", which will put citizen participation and local development in the spotlight.

Agendas of the events:

Training on the programme 'Europe for Citizens' and other parallel events on 4 June – Agenda
Final International conference of the project Working Together for Development – Agenda
Ordinary and extraordinary General Assembly of ALDA - Agenda

For information and registration to the General Assembly and parallel events, please contact Mattia.Brazzale@aldaintranet.org

For information and registration to the final international conference of the project WTD, please contact Nicolas.Gamouras@aldaintranet.org
Members can register via this online registration form



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