WTD - The project

WTD- Working Together for Development.
A new challenge for Local Authorities Associations and Civil Society Networks.

21 international partners for WTD What will be the results of the project?
WTD - Working Together for Development is a multi-annual development project designed by the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) in cooperation with 21 international partners and associates coming from 16 different countries of the enlarged Europe. The project lasts 30 months and involves both Associations of Local Authorities and NGO networks, and aims at improving their capacities to act as development agents in and outside Europe, in partnership with European and national institutions.
WTD is based on ALDA’s long term vision of development and the method of multilateral decentralised cooperation. The project uses a multi-stakeholder approach and focuses on creating strong partnerships between Local Authorities and NGOs. Local Authorities and NGOs have extensive knowledge of their local communities, and their joint activities and cooperation play an important role in the field of development.
The project is expected to involve 3,000 individuals directly in project activities and an additional 7,000 stakeholders through indirect activities. The project will strengthen the capacity of NGO and Local Authority representatives coming from 16 different countries and 21 different organisations to engage in development work and become more efficient development agents. The project results and conclusions will be shared with the wider public through publications and ongoing updates on the project website.
We are happy to share our experience and knowledge with other development actors and welcome you to join us to work together for greater involvement of Local Authorities and local nongovernmental organisations in development work.
Which activities will be implemented? Who will be involved in the project?

Activities will take place at international, national, regional and local levels in order to involve a maximum of actors and to allow synergies between development actors from different but complementary levels. The activities will be promoted, organised and implemented by ALDA in cooperation with all the project partners and associates.
International seminars and conferences will be organised to share best practices on local development issues, such as women and youth empowerment, sustainable tourism and rural development. Moreover, international and regional thematic workshops will be organised to exchange experience and provide the participants
with further expertise on these issues.
During the project eight national and regional
working groups will operate as platforms to discuss development issues related to their region and plan activities to be carried out at the local level in partnership with private and public actors.
More than 30 local activities will be directly funded by the WTD project through sub-grants. Local Authorities (with up to 30.000 inhabitants) and local development NGOs will be invited to submit project proposals with activities focusing on issues such as:
• trainings on local development;
• network building activities at the local level;
• information campaigns on local development issues;
• exchange of good practices;
• youth and voluntary activities in the field of development.

WTD aims at giving a real contribution to the empowerment of local stakeholders to act as development agents. All the activities in the project will address local actors that already play a role in local development or have the potential to play a role in local development. The project will target development NGOs and Local Authorities and will reach participants through the members and networks of the partners and associates in the project.

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